The Areas

Lutmastraat 209A has two areas: the large studio and the smaller Garden Room. There is also fine large courtyard which can be seen through the large windows in the Studio and the patio doors in the Garden Room provide access.

Behind the entrance door you enter the hall which provides access to the building areas and the toilet. In the hall is also a kitchenette with facilities for tea and coffee.

 2016 LL - Plattegrond Lutmastraat 209A

The Studio

This elongated area of 37,55 m2 – with mirror wall – is suitable for workshops, discussion groups, photo shoots, group lessons, private parties and the like. The large windows on either side of the Studio, provide lots of light and view the garden and the full length of Lutmastraat.

Number of persons
• Currently, there are three tables present that seat 20 people in total.
• In an arrangement with just chairs more people can be seated.

Studioruimte (3)Studioruimte (4)Plattegrond - Studioruimte

The Garden Room

This pleasant rectangular area of 12.87 m2 has patio doors to the garden. The space can be arranged for coaching sessions or treatments. It can accommodate a table with seating for 4-8 people and there is room for a massage table or massage mat.

Tuinkamer (1)Tuinkamer (2)Plattegrond - Tuinkamer

The Courtyard

The lovely garden of 80 m2 is particularly useful in the summer for a meeting or an outdoor training. Think of yoga, meditation or private premises. To maintain good relations with the neighbors, keep in mind the noise.

Use the courtyard for an activity is only possible in combination with lease-lend of the Garden Room or Studio.

Binnentuin 2 Binnentuin 1 Plattegrond - Binnentuin